• talking about the Swedes

  • Many have a picture, when talking about the Swedes - a muscular high blond with a harsh look. And many girls really want their husband to be exactly Swedish, but where can you meet him? On dating sites https://www.dating.com/best-advice-on-dating-swedish-men/ . At the same time, it is worth remembering some features.

    The Swede lives from vacation to vacation. Thoughts about cherished vacation days help shorten long winter evenings. In the spring, with the day of X approaching, the imagination is already painting sunny seascapes. Here, of course, not to work. No higher force will force the Swedes to do business in the summer. Employees of the public sector have vacation and can usually reach 35 working days.

    It is not customary to undo children, especially strangers, in Sweden. Parents make comments to the child friendly - and only when absolutely necessary. They are trimmed only with words. Any slaps are excluded: Sweden was the first country in the world to ban physical punishment of children. It is not customary to strictly indicate to children how they should behave in society. It is believed that future citizens gradually themselves should understand what is appropriate and what is not. And until then, adults are ready to give tips - and train patience.

    Every Saturday, in the family circle in front of the TV, both adults and children self-selflessly eat sweets: the average Swedish family eats 1.2 kg of sweets a week! Why is the main peak on Saturday? Apparently, in order to somehow limit the irresistible craving for sweet.

    If the sign says "Do not walk on the lawn," then the Swede's foot will not set foot in the forbidden territory under any circumstances. If it is said that paper packages should be thrown into a special urn, then it will not occur to anyone to throw a cigarette butt or bottle there.